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The Rabbis are riding high these days

Exploring the Salafist Muslim-Zionist Alliance

By Michael Hoffman

As Salafist/Wahhabist Saudi theology proceeds to commissar the Sunnis by means of ISIS recruitment, and while their Muslim victims among the Shiites are marginalized, Israeli Zionism and Orthodox Judaism are riding high in prestige in the West.

The Zionists' “I told you so” platitudes about how, if we had only gotten tough on Muslims the way Israelis do, we would be better off, are now ubiquitous in the media. This narrative fits the Neocon “clash of civilizations” script perfectly.

Certainly there is such a clash. It originated on Calvary more than 2,000 years ago. Why do we keep forgetting? Goldwin Smith, Regius Professor of History at Oxford in the Victorian age, wrote:

“The nobler part of the Jewish nation, the real heirs of David and the Prophets, heard the Gospel, and became the founders of a humane religion; the less noble part, led by national pride and ceremonialism embodied in the Pharisee, rejected humanity, and themselves fell back into a narrower and a harder tribalism than before. Exciting the hatred of other nations and the fears of the Empire, they lost their country, and wandered forth over the world with their tribal feeling intensified, and their religion more than ever identified with it...Cosmopolitans they could not be, as they were still in the thrall of tribalism: plutopolitans they of necessity became.” (Revisionist History newsletter 85, p. 12).

“...rejected humanity...” What does this rejection entail, if not pitting races, religions and regions against one another for the greater good of the tribe to which Prof. Smith alludes? The collusion between Saudi Arabia and the Israeli state against the two Arab nations, Assad’s Syria and Saddam Hussein’s Iraq renowned for protecting their Christian minority populations, is justly infamous in the Middle East, where the U.S. serves as the Israeli golem. The Saudis, guardians of Mecca and Medina, which contain the two holiest shrines in Islam, decades ago sold the Palestinians to the Israelis, now to be dispatched as Netanyahu chooses. This is more than treason in the Islamic world, it is a species of treachery almost unimaginable, since it concedes al-Quds (Jerusalem), home to Islam’s third holiest center, to the Zionists.

The Shiites, who have lost more civilians to ISIS terrorism than any western nation, have never abandoned the Palestinians and have not conspired with the Israelis. Therefore, it is Shiite Iran and not Saudi Arabia that remains in the cross hairs of our Zionist-occupied Congress, Pentagon and media. Iran will likely feel the wrath of the American golem should Crooked Hillary gain the White House in November. The Saudis meanwhile, suffer not one US sanction despite having many covert ties to ISIS, as well as supplying the heretical Salafist “Muslim” theology which fuels its barbarism. 

In Europe this is better understood. Marine LePen, head of the patriotic Front National in France, in the wake of the murder of Catholic Father Jacques Hamel, called for the closing of "mosquées salafistes. She singled out Salafists and, quite rightly, did not refer to Shiites. Meanwhile in the U.S. we fail to make these important distinctions.

Judaism uses Judeo-Churchianity in the American South as an arm of its propaganda apparatus, even though Judaism execrates the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. Judaism has in the past and is now using elements of Sunni Islam, despite, as exhibited by Rabbi Maimonides in the Middle Ages, execrating Muhammad and his Quranic religion. 

ISIS is being used to bring about police states in Europe, Canada and the United States while burnishing the reputation of the Israeli subjugation of the Palestinians. The more ISIS terror the more civil liberties will be curtailed and the more the “Israeli way of dealing” with the Palestinians and Lebanese will become the template for restoring order in the West. After the slaying of the Roman Catholic priest in Normandy, Hervé Morin, president of the Normandy region and a defense minister under former President Nicolas Sarkozy, declared, "We need to Israelize our security conditions.” 

As this script is fulfilled, the Israelis emerge as the public relations winners and the supposed best friends of western civilization. It’s tragic that people concerned with this vital issue don’t pay more attention to Judaism's foundational rabbinic texts. In the Mishnah and Gemara (“Talmud”) and successive holy books such as Rabbi Joseph Karo’s Shulchan Aruch, there exists an ineradicably savage hostility toward gentile civilization. 

We find this in the Tisha B’Av (Ninth of Av) festival and in the Babylonian Talmud itself where killing, robbing and cheating gentiles is permitted. Even a brief tour of just a single Talmud tractate, Baba Kama, presents numerous examples of hostility toward non-Jews. In Baba Kama 113a we discover that “It is permitted to deceive a gentile.” 

In this same tractate, a sample court case is given which pits a Jew against a gentile. Here is the legal approach advised: “One approaches the case circuitously in order to vindicate the Jew.” 

Turn the page and one encounters Baba Kama 113b, in which lost items are not to be returned to the gentile who owns them, after which follows instructions on how to cheat non-Jews in business:

“It is permitted to financially benefit from a  business error of a gentile.” Cases are given by way of illustration. One of my personal favorites is the example of the palm tree that is to be chopped up and the wood shared by a Jewish merchant and a gentile merchant. In the Talmud the clever Jew outsmarts his non-Jewish partner, ordering his servant to: “Hurry and precede the gentile so that you can bring my share of the wood from the trunk of the tree, which is thicker than the upper part of the tree, as the gentile only knows the number of logs that he is due to receive and will not realize that you are taking thicker pieces.” (Baba Kama 113b). This mentality of cheating non-Jews is institutionalized in adherents of Orthodox Judaism.

Murder, rape, child molestation, sodomy, misogyny, magic, idolatry: the Talmud recommends all of these in one form or another. The 1100 pages in this writer’s book, Judaism Discovered were not enough to contain more than a fragment. In anticipation of objections: no, none of the quoted texts are “taken out of context;” no, the Talmud is not merely a “series of debates”  it is the hallowed source of the halacha (laws of Judaism) of Chazal (the revered collective authors [“sages”] of the Talmud).

Islam having derived from both Christianity and Talmudic Judaism, does contain some echo of the mistreatment and deception of non-believers as found in the Babylonian Talmud, but nothing on the same scale, and none of it justified by a racial criteria. Yet in the U.S. sharia law is far more notorious and feared than rabbinic halachic law.

We need not proceed only from Judaism’s holy rule books for racketeers. We also have the testimony of the past. In Revisionist History newsletter no. 70  which is mainly aimed at documenting the existence of Judaism’s much denied Birkat Haminim ritual curses on Christians   in an excursus we surveyed Judaic-Islamic alliances in medieval Spain, where rabbinic maledictions soared to extreme paroxysms of hatred against Christians, in a manner that was not directed against Muslims. Moreover, the formal rabbinic curses on meshummadim (Judaic converts to other religions, particularly Christianity), do not include any denigration of Judaic converts to Islam. 

In the medieval era, Judaism was able to thrive under Islam while it was severely restricted in Catholic Europe. For that reason among others, the Never Forgive/Never Forget crowd will not rest until Europe is ruined and the European nations severely diminished in population. This is not accomplished by its ISIS pawns alone. The Zionist-influenced media promote abortion, contraception, euthanasia and self-hatred, which are all pandemic in Europe and western nations in general. What ISIS kills physically, modernist ideologies of rabbinic or Zionist provenance that have as their premise the rejection of the authentic Gospel of Jesus and the establishment of counterfeits, kill psychologically and spiritually.

In the current issue of Revisionist History newsletter (no. 85) we study the Rothschild bank as it gained dominion over England in the Victorian era. We document that when the Christian Balkan nations captive to the Ottoman Empire revolted with the help of Tsarist Russia, it was the Rothschilds, with the aid of British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, who backed the caliphate against the Christians, in spite of (or perhaps in approval of) massacres of Bulgarian and Serb Christians by Ottoman militias. 

In our 21st century the Israeli nation has been immune to ISIS attack. The record shows that Israeli hospitals have patched up al-Qaeda and ISIS terrorists and returned them to Syria to help overthrow the Christian-friendly regime of Assad. Netanyahu’s Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon stated publicly he preferred the victory of ISIS in Syria

Perhaps one day soon our information will obtain sufficient publicity to render these radical truths manifest to many more in America and throughout the world. For the time being, the facts we present are confined to our books and newsletters, this column and Twitter. 

Meanwhile, the rabbis continue to ride high as the media-anointed paladins of western civilization, contrasted with their clandestine false flag, ISIS. 

Michael Hoffman is the author of Judaism Discovered and Judaism’s Strange Gods, and the editor of Revisionist History.

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Media lie to promote Judaism over Christianity

The following may seem like an inconsequential drop in the sea of media deception that deluges us. Nonetheless, when we have the enemy dead to rights it’s incumbent upon us to hammer them and weaken their fortress of feigned credibility. Every shot counts.

In this case, we observe the Establishment media's typical haughty put-down of Christianity as a troglodyte religion and the promotion of Judaism as ethically superior and enlightened. In fact, the reverse is true.

This reversal is accomplished through lying. The bigger the lie the more likely it is to be accepted by the ignorant and those eager to conform to doctrines promulgated by the corporate media.

Claiming that Judaism teaches a hell (Gehenna) that is only for a short duration and has a brief time limit, compared with the Christian concept of hell, qualifies as a big lie that ought to be blasted to oblivion with the laser weapon of truth. The more we document these lies the more we remove the ground from under the foundation of the liars themselves.

The Establishment Media Compare Judaism and Christianity 

Media Falsehood:

 “As for Gehenna, Mr. Halkin draws a sharp distinction between early Christian hell, a place of unremitting fire and eternal damnation, and Gehenna, where the Talmudists and medieval commentators agreed that infernal punishments can be atoned for and are strictly limited to 12 months.” 

— Esther Schor, “The World to Come,” Wall Street Journal 
July 16, 2016 p. C7; (emphasis supplied). 

The Facts: 

In Judaism Jesus shares his place in Gehenna (hell) with the Roman General Titus. Jesus is punished by being seated in a cauldron of boiling excrement for eternity. The Roman Titus meanwhile, is punished for eternity by being burned to ashes in Gehenna, reassembled and burned again, perpetually. (Babylonian Talmud: Gittin 56b and 57a).             

This proof of how the media lie to promote Judaism above Christianity, is offered by Michael Hoffman


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007 Revelation of the Method

The use of the Revelation of the Method for inducing compliance and docility in subject populations

Who is actually behind global terrorism? The terrorists themselves reveal it. This is a 14 second video of a room where a movie is playing on a TV set. On the TV set the 007 character in the movie can be seen to state to the leader of the Cryptocracy that the leader is behind terrorism in cities in order to convince governments to join a global, all-seeing intelligence network paid for by the Cryptocracy. The articulation of this truth in a Hollywood movie constitutes Revelation of the Method by the Cryptocracy itself. For more on the Revelation of the Method cf. Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare by Michael Hoffman.
“Revelation of the Method is a theory first proposed by James Shelby Downard from his study of antiquarian alchemical manuscripts, and more specifically a phrase contained within them, “Must Be,” concerning the means for inducing inevitabilism (self-fulfilling prophecy) in a target population. Expanded upon by this writer in the book Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, Revelation of the Method entails the timed disclosure, for purposes of psychological warfare, of previously well-guarded secrets by the secrets-keepers themselves. One component of the Revelation is the expectation that this divulgence of criminal power and perpetration will not result in any meaningful backlash or uprising on the part of the victims to whom the Revelation was made, thus compounding their mental and spiritual servitude.” Copyright©2016 by Michael Hoffman

Friday, July 08, 2016

Trial By Media Killed the Officers in Dallas

Obamas Rush to Judgement and Identity Politics Contributed to their Deaths

By Michael Hoffman

Shortly before several Dallas police officers were killed by a sniper (or snipers) on July 7, President Obama spoke at a NATO summit in Poland and immediately rushed to judgment by insinuating that officers in Minnesota had done something seriously wrong in their treatment of a black motorist who died as a result of a traffic stop. He stated:

“When incidents like this occur, there’s a big chunk of our citizenry that feels as if, because of the color of their skin, they are not being treated the same, and that hurts, and that should trouble all of us. This is not just a black issue, not just a Hispanic issue. This is an American issue that we all should care about.”

What had “occurred,” Mr. President? How would you know what occurred only hours after the event had transpired?

Some of you may have watched a purported video on Facebook of the shooting of Philando Castile, the black man in Minnesota; this writer did not. Either way, neither Facebook nor the Establishment media is any legitimate medium for trying any suspect, whether cops accused of executing a motorist, or the motorist himself who was, allegedly, a licensed gun owner in possession of a firearm.

The cops in Minnesota and in another shooting in Louisiana, were tried by the media and found guilty. Obama seconded the “verdict” from his identity-politics perch.

Police, like anyone else, are innocent until proved guilty in a court of law. Yet, long before any notorious suspect faces a judge and jury, that suspect is tried in the media. In 1977 David Berkowitz was found solely guilty of the Son of Sam murders in New York City, in the same week in which he was arrested. Newsweek magazine made that erroneous determination long before Berkowitz appeared before a judge. It has since been discovered that Berkowitz was only one of the shooters, and that he was part of a conspiracy by a Satanic cult.

Before Charles Manson was convicted, President Richard Nixon decreed him guilty of the Tate-La Bianca murders. Many to this day believe, wrongly, that Manson ordered the murders or was present when they occurred. Both notions are false, but Nixon’s verdict set the stage for a permanent misapprehension of the facts.

The Establishment media convicted Ted Kaczyinski of being the sole Unabomber long before he faced a judge in court. Kaczyinski did not perpetrate all of the bombings attributed to Unabomber. He had been monitored by the Federal government at the time he was supposedly an underground bomber. The government did nothing to seek other possible suspects or collaborators, and from the time the suspect was apprehended, the mainstream media reported with absolute certainty that Kaczynski was the “lone nut” responsible. 

The United States is saddled with the worst, most conceited, corporate-mouthpiece media in the world, as well as with a President who is as much of an irresponsible blowhard as Nixon, though, to be fair, Mr. Nixon was not speaking n the midst of a racially-charged, powder keg atmosphere.

Mr. Obama was acting morally superior when he questioned whether blacks and whites are treated the same in America in the context of the Minnesota traffic stop. I have a bulletin for him: if the driver in Minnesota had been a gun-carrying, poor white redneck in a pickup truck, the liberal media would have sided with the police, and questioned whether the redneck had somehow threatened the officers with his gun. There would have been no knee-jerk sympathy for the white motorist.

President Obama fuels the sense of entitlement and moral superiority of black Americans. Is this good for our country and national unity? Should any race of people be encouraged toward supremacist self-regard?

The racist terrorist massacre in Dallas is being blamed on guns. If the cops had been mowed down by an automobile, would Detroit get the blame? Obama calls for “gun control” in the wake of Dallas. Shamefully, he does not pause for even a moment to consider the role which anti-White racism played in the mass murder of law enforcement in Texas. He irresponsibly scapegoats the guns which the anti-White hater utilized to do his murderous work. 

Do the whites who are relentlessly derided as hereditary bigots in the Hollywood media have any right to be free from defamation and the resulting hate crimes that occur against them? Does anyone consider the Hollywood factor in our national conversation about race? Certainly not. The so-called “conversation” proceeds from the premise that working class whites without a university indoctrination (“education”), are moral lepers guilty of terrible transgressions such as supporting Donald Trump, the Second Amendment and a wall on the border with Mexico.

Police officers have been murdered in Dallas in part due to a reckless, politically correct President as well as a corrupt media that, in its arrogance, believes it is entitled to try and convict suspects before they face a jury of their peers. This situation must change before more innocents perish and a full-fledged race war is ignited in our nation.

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Judaic man who said he escaped Auschwitz admits he lied

Judaic man who claimed he escaped Auschwitz admits he lied to keep the memory of the Holocaust alive

“Holocaust Survivor” Joseph Hirt giving a speech

"According to [Joseph Hirt's nephew] Michael Hirt, his uncle was born in Horodenka, Poland, on July 10, 1930, to Jewish parents. 

With an Afterword by revisionist historian Michael Hoffman

Holocaust imposter and historical fraud 
By  Andrew R. Reid

8 June 2016 

Dear Editor (Pennsylvania, USA media) 

It gives me no pleasure to inform you and your readers that Mr. Joseph Bernard Hirt  –   who recently gave a presentation in Lowville on the night of 15 April 2016 in which he told of his alleged experience of being a survivor of the infamous Auschwitz concentration camp  –   is a Holocaust imposter and historical fraud. 

I attended Mr. Hirt’s presentation that evening. As a local History teacher, I also encouraged my students to attend. However, as a trained historian and teacher, several of his claims did not sound quite right. I believed I had a duty to my students, the community, and the truth, so I began researching Mr. Hirt’s claims and in doing so accumulated a vast amount of evidence that proves the majority of his story is false, including all of his alleged experiences related to the Auschwitz concentration camp. 

The following are some examples of Mr. Hirt’s untrue claims and the historical facts (all of which can be easily verified by the public online) which prove they are false: 

(1) Mr. Hirt was never at Auschwitz during World War II  –   the Auschwitz prisoner list is available online at the Auschwitz- Birkenau State Museum website and there is no record of a Joseph Hirt. The number he has tattooed on his arm  –   which he claims was his prison ID  –   is the real number of another prisoner from 1944. Camp records show only one escape in the months surrounding Mr. Hirt’s alleged date of escape, and tha t  person was not Mr. Hirt; (2) Mr. Hirt claims to have come “face -to- face” with Dr.  Josef Mengele while a  prisoner at Auschwitz concentration camp before escaping 31 March 1942  –   it is well-documented that Mengele did not arrive at Auschwitz until May 1943; (3) the picture of an emaciated man on a stretcher that he claims is him right before he escaped is, in fact, one that was taken by a soldier in the U.S. Army, Mickey Martin, a member of the 42nd Infantry “Rainbow” Division  of the U.S. Army which liberated the Dachau concentration camp in 1945.

 All of this and much more is laid out in over 20 pages of evidence I have amassed as a result of my research. I have provided the editor of this publication (which unknowingly advertised and covered Mr. Hirt ’s presentation) with a digital copy of this research  –   please feel free to contact the editor and request a copy. 

Lastly, I want to be clear  –   I am not a Holocaust denier. In fact, the man who hired me for my first teaching job many years ago was a survivor of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, and it is partly in his memory and for the preservation of the truth of what millions of people endured that I have taken upon myself the task of exposing Mr. Hirt’s shameful deception. 

It is my hope that Mr. Hirt will voluntarily recant his fraudulent claims and cease his public presentations. 

Regretfully Yours, 
Andrew R. Reid 
3087 State Route 12D Boonville, NY 13309  

Excerpts from Mr. Reids personal note to Joseph Hirt:  He said if Hirt does not take any action, he will petition the district attorneys in Lancaster and Lewis counties to launch a criminal investigation. "Much of your activity fits the legal definitions (in both the states of New York and Pennsylvania) of felonies and misdemeanors such as fraud, identity theft, and forgery,” Reid wrote to Hirt. “I am not particularly interested in seeing you punished — I am mostly interested in (1) stopping you from continuing your false claims and (2) seeing you make things right with people whose trust you have abused,” Reid wrote. 


Man who claimed to have escaped Auschwitz admits he lied for years

The Guardian (UK) • June 24, 2016

A Pennsylvania man who claimed for years to have escaped from Auschwitz, met track and field star Jesse Owens and Nazi doctor Josef Mengele, confessed on Friday that he had fabricated the entire story.
“I am writing today to apologize publicly for harm caused to anyone because of my inserting myself into the descriptions of life in Auschwitz,” Joseph Hirt, 86, wrote in a letter sent to his local paper, LNP, this week. “I was not a prisoner there. I did not intend to lessen or overshadow the events which truly happened there by falsely claiming to have been personally involved.”
“I was wrong. I ask forgiveness,” he added. “I determined at that moment to do everything in my power to prevent the loss of the truth about wartime life (and death) at Auschwitz.”
For years, Hirt gave public speeches about his experiences in the second world war, including his Jewish family’s flight from Poland to Belgrade. But he also told people that he was arrested by the Nazis, sent to the concentration camp at Auschwitz, and met Mengele, the SS physician who tortured prisoners of the concentration camp. Hirt claimed to have escaped under an electric fence at the camp.
He added an extraordinary prologue and epilogue to the story, saying that he saw Adolf Hitler turn his back on Jesse Owens at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, and that he met Eleanor Roosevelt and Owens after his arrival in the United States.
In his letter, Hirt said that he realized “it wasn’t about me”, and that he was motivated to lie by his fears that the history and horror of the camps would be forgotten. He said that he was shocked to find that Auschwitz, now a museum and memorial, had become a “clean and polished tourist destination” where visitors laughed and joked about “propaganda.”
Flagrant denial and ignorance of the truth made me determined to keep the memories alive,” Hirt said. “I used poor judgment and faulty reasoning, risking a sullying of the truth I was trying to share.”
Hirt did not immediately reply to a request for an interview. Earlier this year, New York history teacher Andrew Reid became suspicious of Hirt’s story and wrote a refutation of many of Hirt’s points...
Hirt is not the first to fabricate or exaggerate a Holocaust story, worrying historians who fear these voices encourage people who deny the deaths of six million people. Herman Rosenblat, a Polish survivor, embellished his 1993 memoir and made up some parts entirely, including the love story at its heart. At the time, historian Ken Waltzer wrote in the New Republic that he was alarmed by how quickly people accepted the story… (emphasis supplied)
Afterword by Michael Hoffman:

According to the local Pennsylvania media (Lancaster Online) it has been alleged that on at least one occasion Mr. Hirt received monetary compensation for one of his “Holocaust Survivor” speeches: 

"In 2014, Joseph Hirt spoke at an event hosted by the Caernarvon Historical Society. According to an official at the society, the event at the Caernarvon Fire Hall drew an estimated 1,000 people. The society made a donation to Hirt, and a general offering was taken on his behalf. Hirt also spoke at Lititz Area Mennonite School at least once in 2012. Retired teacher David Siegrist said he did not want to comment on hosting Hirt as a guest speaker.”

At the Great Holocaust Trial of publisher Ernst Zündel virtually every so-called “Holocaust Survivor” who testified for the Crown Prosecution that was endeavoring to send the defendant to prison for printing skeptical books, was shown to have lied, fantasized or otherwise compromised the truth. 

The missing dimension in the reporting about Mr. Hirt’s lies is the aspect of his having given false witness against the German people. We have grown so accustomed to accusing the Germans of every crime under the sun that we often overlook the fact that lies like those of Mr. Hirt constitute a transgression against one of the Ten Commandments. 

Furthermore, everyone has the right to doubt Judaic tales. The fear-inducing “Holocaust denier” smear is an intimidation tactic to prevent us from considering facts which overthrow idols and expand human knowledge. Christians like Mennonite John Ruth who naively acted as a colleague of Mr. Hirt, and those at the Lititz Area Mennonite School, who sponsored his speech, should be more cautious in the future about the anti-German libel they are so quick to endorse. 
For further research: 


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Britain’s Bulldog Breed Bite New World Order

Britain’s Bulldog Breed Takes a Bite Out of the New World Order

The British have voted for national sovereignty and independence and against the Money Power and the EU's Tower of Babel. Thank God!
By Michael Hoffman 

Listen to an audio version of this column here

No people can sustain themselves on repeated defeats. On June 23, 2016 the British gave our people a victory that uplifts morale in America and throughout the western world: they have defied the elites and voted to leave the Brussels-based European Union (EU). This is beautiful for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that the British media trotted out a corpus of “expert opinion” ordering the flinty citizens of the island nation to stay in the EU for the sake of consumerism and globalism. Money was held aloft as the supreme motive for remaining, and the ones raising this banner of mammon were from the “financial services industry,” which is a media-euphemism for the usurious gang who dominate almost every western country.

In Russia, under Vladimir Putin, the highest value is placed not on  the economy but rather on the Church, the land and the people. Due to their loyalty to these ancient Slavic priorities, Russians are libeled, financially sanctioned and threatened with war by NATO and Hillary Clinton. The British meanwhile are beginning to return to the venerable verities championed by populists like Mr. Putin. 

Under the laws of the European Union’s super-state, the tiny island nation had to admit any number of immigrants, no matter how large, from member nations. This includes millions of angry and alienated Muslim youth in EU member countries like France and Germany. Polls repeatedly revealed that this deluge was the driving force behind the vote for a British exit (“Brexit”) from Brussels.  The English and Welsh chose their land and their people   national sovereignty and independence   over the Money Power and the EU's Tower of Babel. Thank God!

American Indians are praised for considering how any action they take will impact the next seven generations. This stems from the realization that we don’t own the future  we are only custodians of it for the benefit of our posterity. There is today a Britain and a United States because our ancestors chose to create pathways for our preservation. When Angela Merkel, the gentile-Zionist agent who leads Germany, last year opened the borders of the nation to an invasion by more than one million immigrants from the Middle East and western Asia, with her treason she was spitting on a thousand years of stewardship by the ancestors of the Germans who had sacrificed, fought and died to preserve the Teutonic people and their homeland.

Merkel’s Germany is precisely the deracinated consumer utopia which the Cryptocracy has decided is the future of the United States and Britain. Yet against all odds, Britain’s “bulldog breed” responded at the ballot box with a howl of rage and frustration against their elite Overlords and the “experts” who dispensed hypnotic cues on how to think and vote. 

Here in America the television networks and print media are routinely telling the plebes that their skepticism toward Hillary Clinton, trans-gender bathrooms and amnesty for illegal aliens, is a horrible sin. My, my, the “sinful” British appear to have paid no attention to their would-be moral masters in Britain, and increasingly Americans are defying the mainstream media’s demonization of traditional values and common sense.

Lest we conflate a victory in one great battle in Britain with a decisive defeat of Satan’s kingdom in the West, we ought to examine the bigger picture, which entails factoring the Zionists' plans for Britain and Europe. They have a long memory and forgiveness forms no part of their gestalt. They view Britain and Europe as hereditarily and ineradicably tainted by their former resistance to Judaism. Influential Orthodox rabbis have let the cat out of the bag by smirking at the growing presence of Sunni-Wahhabist Islamic terrorists scourging Britain and Europe. Inevitably these rabbis cite the  unforgivable" Christian resistance to Judaism in the past, as justification for gloating over the immigration invasion, and self-extinguishing rates of abortion, contraception, suicide and euthanasia in Europe and Britain.

One of the main Zionist outlets for their undying hatred is the controlled media of the West, where Europeans and the British are perpetually targeted with movies, TV shows and publications portraying them as moral lepers, fiendishly sadistic mass murderers and in general possessed of a tainted genetic stock. Judaics alone emerge from this media fever-swamp as angelic bearers of a heritage of saintly goodness. The late Prof. Tony Martin informed this writer that when he taught the history of the massive Judaic role in the trans-Atlantic black slave trade to his mostly white classes at Wellesley College in Massachusetts, the Judaic students would indignantly protest that their people were never involved in any evil on that scale; such was the extent of their having been shielded from the scrutiny and moral opprobrium with which gentiles have been lashed for decades.

The relentless negative stereotyping amounts to mental colonization followed by a kind of mental genocide: the commitment by our youth to withhold births of “more wicked whites.” Demographic statistics testify to the efficacy of the media onslaught.

No doubt the Establishment was banking on the inculcation of sufficient levels of this self-hate in numbers large enough to ensure the defeat of Britain's vote on leaving the European Union. A miracle occurred however, and it was the Cryptocracy that was defeated, in this round at least.

The next battle consists of building on the defiance. This entails a revival of the family and the absolute necessity of three children or more per married couple, with offspring “trained up in the way they should go,”and populist political parties free of the networks of masonic secret societies, usury bankers and multinational corporations.

As long as we breath there is hope. Today let us revel in sweet success and chase defeatism from our ranks, in gratitude for the bite of the British bulldog. 

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