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The Stone in the Synagogue's Shoe

By Michael Hoffman
(French translation follows below)

 Bishop Williamson

Below we reprint a report detailing the pleasure the World Jewish Congress has derived from news of the dismissal of Bishop Richard Williamson from the SSPX priest's fraternity.

Pope Benedict XVI does not dare to intervene in Talmudic affairs, such as, for example, to publicly chastize Shas "spiritual leader" Rabbi Ovadia Yosef for calling for the extermination of the Palestinians. The Vatican has surrendered to Orthodox Judaism and only maintains sufficient disagreement to bolster the facade that it represents the Church of Jesus Christ on earth.

Meanwhile, the Zionists have no compunction against shaping and influencing the Catholic Church through their power over the western media, and the chutzpah which fuels their conviction that they have the right to sanctimoniously lecture the gentiles.

As the following declaration makes clear, Bishop Fellay has done the will of the Talmudists in expelling Bishop Williamson.

True, Mr. Ronald Lauder, the billionaire scion of the Estee Lauder cosmetics firm, and Ronald Reagan's former US Ambassador to Austria, is not yet satisfied. It seems that the SSPX has not done enough. This is consonant with the rabbinic ideology concerning the goyim -- the incomplete nature of the soul of the gentile renders the actions of the gentile incomplete even when, with the best of intentions, they bow to the synagogue in abject submission.

The goyim, the pope and Bishop Fellay included, lack that special soul with which morally and racially superior Judaic persons are endowed. If you don't believe it, observe the fate of the thousands of sub-Saharan African immigrants in the Israeli state who are bound for indefinite detention in concentration camps in the Negev, precisely due to their alleged inferiority to the Holy People. No western nation on earth could get away with such draconian barbarity without earning international opprobrium and sanctions, yet the concentration camps for Blacks in "Israel" is not an issue in America, for Obama or Romney, or the media. This is in keeping with the Talmudic dictum: one law for the "Holy People" and another for everyone else.

Bishop Fellay may speak of Bishop Williamson's "disobedience" to Fellay, but philosophically that claim is bankrupt, since Fellay himself continues to defy the pope by refusing to submit to the jurisdiction of the local ordinaries in the dioceses where SSPX churches, schools and seminaries are located. Archbishop Lefebvre, the founder of the SSPX, taught that the salvation of souls, and not obedience to wayward authority, was the highest priority. Salvation of souls is Bishop Williamson's mandate. How then can Fellay, who is disobedient to the pope,  accuse Williamson of disobedience? The obedience issue is a smokescren which conceals a larger truth. This truth is most transparent in the German precincts of the SSPX.

Bishop Fellay is mirroring the idolatry and despotism of the German SSPX, which labors under Germany's  Muslim-like blasphemy laws, which protect the sacred relics of Holocaustianity from forensic examination, skepticism and ridicule. The means of this protection are Germany's dungeons, where heretics such as publisher Ernst Zundel, and erstwhile Max Planck chemist Germar Rudolf, have rotted for years. Consequently, the SSPX conforms to the demands of the false religion of Holocaustianity, and does not contest the holocaustolatry of its relics, id est, the “gas chambers." Consequently, Bishop Williamson, who blasphemed those relics, represented what Mafiosi term, "pietra di la scarpa," the stone in the shoe. The stone had to be removed from the synagogue's shoe.

Lauder: Williamson dismissal from Pius Brotherhood "too little too late" and not credible

The head of the World Jewish Congress (WJC), Ronald S. Lauder, has welcomed the expulsion of Bishop Richard Williamson from the Catholic breakaway group Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) but said it should have been done years ago and “it does nothing to restore the credibility of this organization”.

Lauder declared: “It’s good that the hatemonger and Holocaust denier Williamson has finally been sent into the wilderness, but this is a decision the SSPX leadership should have taken years ago, when the cleric openly denied the existence of gas chambers. It is too little too late. The reasons now given for Williamson’s dismissal do not mention the damage this man has caused by spreading invective against Jews and others, be it from the pulpit, via his weekly newsletter and in his statements to the media.”

In a 1989 speech at Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes church in Sherbrooke, Canada, Williamson had claimed that “There was not one Jew killed in the gas chambers. It was all lies, lies, lies”. In an interview with Swedish television conducted in Germany in late 2008, he reaffirmed his view.

The WJC president said that although not all members of the SSPX were anti-Semites like Williamson, the group had yet to deal with the issue of anti-Semitism in its ranks and part ways with those “who continue to regard the Jews as the embodiment of the anti-Christ.” Lauder thanked Pope Benedict XVI and Cardinal Kurt Koch, the Vatican official in charge of relations with the Jews, for their unequivocal condemnation of anti-Semitic tendencies in the church. “We know where the Vatican stands on this. What we don’t know is whether the SSPX leadership agrees with it. Until the Pius Brotherhood takes a clear stand they should not be readmitted into the fold of the Catholic Church,” Ronald Lauder pointed out.

The SSPX said in a statement issued on Wednesday: "Monseigneur Richard Williamson, having distanced himself from the leadership and the government of the Saint Pius X Society over a period of several years and refusing to show respect and obedience deserved by his legitimate superiors, has been declared excluded."

The fraternity of traditionalists who broke away from the Vatican more than two decades ago over its reforms said the decision had been reached on 4 October 2013. Williamson was one of four bishops who were consecrated by Bishop Marcel Lefebvre in Econe, Switzerland, in 1988 against the orders of Pope John Paul II, who later excommunicated them. In January 2009, Pope Benedict XVI lifted the excommunication of the four.

“Thank Goodness the Williamson saga will soon be behind us, once the Regensburg court has decided on his conviction for Holocaust denial,” said Lauder.

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Lu sur le site du révisionniste américain Michael Hoffman
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La pierre dans la chaussure de la Synagogue

Ci-après on trouvera un article faisant état du plaisir éprouvé par le
Congrès juif mondial à l'annonce du renvoi de l'évêque Richard Williamson de
la Fraternité St Pie X [nous ne traduisons pas l'article en question: on le
trouvera sur le site indiqué ci-dessus]. 
   Le pape Benoît XVI n'ose pas intervenir dans les affaires talmudiques
comme, par exemple, réprimander publiquement le "chef spirituel" du Shass,
le rabbin Ovadia Yosef, quand ce dernier a appelé à l'extermination des
Palestiniens. Le Vatican a capitulé devant le judaïsme orthodoxe et
entretient juste ce qu'il faut de désaccord pour maintenir son apparence de
représentant de l'Eglise de Jésus-Christ sur la terre. 
   En revanche, les sionistes n'ont aucun scrupule à façonner et à
influencer l'Eglise catholique grâce au pouvoir qu'ils ont sur les médias
occidentaux et grâce à leur chutzpah [leur culot] qui fait d'eux des gens
persuadés d'avoir le droit de donner, mine de rien, des leçons aux gentils.
   Comme il appert dans les déclarations ci-dessous [voir le site], Mgr
Fellay a accompli la volonté des Talmudistes en excluant Mgr Williamson. 
   C'est vrai, Mr Ronald Lauder, rejeton milliardaire de la firme de
cosmétiques Estée Lauder et ancien ambassadeur américain de Ronald Reagan en Autriche, n'est pas encore satisfait. Il semble que la Fraternité n'en ait pas fait assez. C'est ce qui correspond à l'idéologie rabbinique relative
aux goyim : la nature incomplète de l'âme des gentils rend les actes de ces
gentils incomplets même si, avec les meilleures intentions du monde, ils
s'inclinent, dans une soumission abjecte, devant la synagogue. 
   Les goyim, le Pape et y compris Mgr Fellay sont dépourvus de cette âme
spéciale dont sont dotées les personnes juives moralement et racialement
supérieures. Si vous ne le croyez pas, voyez le sort des milliers d'immigrés
africains sub-sahariens qui, en Israël, sont condamnés à une détention sans
fin dans les camps de concentration du Negev, précisément du fait de leur
infériorité présumée par rapport au Peuple Saint. Face à une barbarie aussi
cruelle pas une nation occidentale sur terre ne pourrait s'en tirer sans
recueillir l'opprobre de toutes les nations et sans être l'objet de
sanctions, et pourtant ces camps de concentration pour Noirs en "Israël" ne
sont pas un problème en Amérique pour Obama ou pour Romney, ou pour les
médias, ce qui est en conformité avec le dicton talmudique: une loi pour le
"Peuple Saint" et une autre pour tous les autres. 
   Mgr Fellay peut bien parler de la "désobéissance" de Mgr Williamson,
mais philosophiquement cette allégation est nulle, puisque Fellay lui-même
continue à défier le Pape en refusant de se soumettre à la juridiction des
ordinaires locaux dans les diocèses où sont situés des églises, des écoles
et des séminaires de la Fraternité. Mgr Lefebvre, fondateur de la
Fraternité, a enseigné que la première des priorités était le salut des
âmes, et non pas l'obéissance à une autorité rebelle. Le salut des âmes, tel
est le mandat qu'a reçu Mgr Williamson. Mais alors comment Mgr Fellay, qui
désobéit au Pape, peut-il accuser Mgr Williamson de désobéissance? La
question de la désobéissance est un écran de fumée qui cache une vérité plus
grande. Cette vérité-là est plus que transparente dans les circonscriptions
allemandes de la Fraternité. 
   Mgr Fellay reflète l'idolâtrie et le despotisme de la Fraternité
allemande, qui oeuvre péniblement sous la férule des lois allemandes sur le
blasphème analogues aux lois musulmanes, qui protègent les reliques sacrées
de l'Holocaustianisme contre tout examen médico-légal, tout scepticisme et
toute dérision. Les moyens d'une telle protection, ce sont les cachots
allemands, où des hérétiques comme l'éditeur Ernst Zündel et le chimiste,
ancien du Max Planck Institute, Germar Rudolf ont moisi pendant des années. 
En conséquence, la Fraternité se conforme aux exigences de la fausse
religion de l'Holocaustianisme et ne conteste pas l'idolâtrie de ses
reliques, c'est-à-dire les "chambres à gaz". En conséquence encore, Mgr
Williamson, qui avait blasphémé ces reliques, représentait ce que les gens
de la Mafia appellent "la pietra della scarpa", la pierre de la chaussure.
Cette pierre, il fallait l'enlever de la chaussure de la synagogue.

+ + +

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For most of the first 1500 years of Christianity usury, the lending of money at interest, was unanimously condemned by the Fathers of the Early Church, and by popes, councils and saints, as a damnable sin equivalent to robbery and even murder. Any interest on loans of money, not just “exorbitant” interest, was defined de fide as a grave transgression against God and man.

This pioneering study of the rise of the Money Power in Christendom confronts the reader with a startling datum: the overthrow of magisterial dogma and the approval of scripture-twisting heresy occurred inside the Church centuries before the Enlightenment and the dawn of the modern era, culminating in the overthrow of divine truth; an epochal act of nullification.

Usury in Christendom resurrects the suppressed biblical, patristic and medieval Catholic doctrine on interest on money, provides new information on the record of early Protestant resistance to the usury revolution, and the discernment, by Dante and other visionaries, of usury’s sub-rosa connection to a host of abominations that continue to plague us today.

Western civilization was profoundly disfigured by the exculpation of the charging of interest on debt. The result has been a pursuit of usurious profit unconstrained by the Word of God, the dogma of His true Church, and the consensus patrum of fifteen centuries.

Hoffman's history of how a den of thieves robbed the followers of Christ of their patrimony is grounded in an extensive study of rare and primary sources, and represents a landmark revisionist history of how the breeders of money gained dominion over the West. 

Table of Contents: Introduction. Biblical, Patristic and Magisterial Teaching. Precursor: Usury banking in Catholic Florence. Usury and Simony in Catholic Germany. The Reformation: Usury Pro and Contra. A Faithful Irishman Persecuted by the Hierarchy. Agents of the Money Power. Quality of Life. “Jewish” Usury. St. Anthony of Padua at the Usurer’s funeral. John Jewel Smites Usury. Timeline of Papal Usury. Dogma of the Council of Trent. Glossary of Terms. Bibliography.

Comprehensive List of Contents: Double-Talking Encyclical. King Edward’s Act Against Usury. Critical Distinction Between Ger and Nokri. Christ’s Parable of the Talents, and the Mammon of Unrighteousness. Leviticus Jubilee. Root and Branch of the Money Power. Escape Clause for Mortal Sin. Usury and the Fathers of the Early Church. Unanimous Medieval Struggle Against Interest on Money. The Dogmatic Third Lateran Council. Council of Lyons II. Council of Vienne. Usury in Medieval Canon Law. Magna Carta’s Bishop. Confessors’ Manuals Classifies Usury as Mortal Sin. Christian Economics of Thomas Aquinas, Dante Aligheri, Ezra Pound, Wendell Berry, Arthur Penty, Vincent McNabb, John Ruskin. The Canker that Consumes the Conscience. The Unholy Trinity of Florence. The Usurer’s Dilemma. The Usurer’s Fire. The Usurer’s Indulgence. The Ciompi Insurrection. Manifest and Occult Usury. Mortal Sin for a Worthy Cause. The Den of Thieves Returns to the House of God. Catholic Origins of Usury Legalization. Usury Unites With Simony. The Catholic Roots of Protestant Capitalism. Casuistry and Usury. Early Years of the Protestant Campaign Against Usury. Biting and Profitable usury. Some Myths of Max Weber. Early Puritan Resistance to Economic Secularization. Permission for Usury in Late Stage Puritanism. A Capitalist Summa: Ludwig Von Mises & Ayn Rand. Misdirection from the Right. Judaizers and Judaizing. Primacy of Gentile Usury. Breeding of Money. 1917 and 1983 Codes of Canon Law, and much more.

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Catholic Palestinian-American Murdered by Zionists

Updated October 11, 2016
American Citizen Killed in California by Zionist Terrorists - Perpetrators Remain at Large

The murderers of this courageous Christian-Palestinian American can't be brought to justice because of the Israeli terror lobby. Yes, there are many Israeli terrorists. Counterfeit "Israel" was founded by terrorists of the Irgun and Stern gang. Where are Fox News, the Wall Street Journal and the rest of the media when it comes to the murder by terrorists of this American citizen? Apparently he's of the wrong religion and national origin to merit publicity, outrage or the prosecution of his killers by "our" government.

On October 11, 1985, Alex Odeh was killed when a powerful pipe bomb exploded as he unlocked and opened the door of his office in Santa Ana, California. In addition to killing Mr. Odeh, the bomb injured several bystanders.

October 11, 2016 marks the 31st anniversary of this unsolved terrorist attack.

Odeh was was a U.S. citizen, a Palestinian native and a Roman Catholic, from a family of priests and nuns. He immigrated to the U.S. in 1972.  At the time of his murder he was the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC)’s Southern California Regional Director and a lecturer of Arabic Language and Middle East history at Coastline College in Santa Ana, California. Mr. Odeh was a tireless peace activist. He dedicated his life to the defense of civil liberties at home, and civil and human rights abroad. He is survived by his wife Norma and their three daughters.

Americans continue to demand that those responsible for his murder be brought to justice. ADC sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder urging the Department of Justice to renew their efforts to resolve the case. ADC has made a formal request for a meeting with the attorney general to discuss the case.

The FBI investigation into Alex Odeh’s murder remains open, with a reward of up to $1 million for information leading to an arrest and conviction. However, no arrest has yet been made in spite of the fact that press reports have stated over the years that the FBI identified members of the Jewish Defense League (JDL) as suspects. None of the identified JDL individuals has ever been charged or prosecuted in connection with the murder, and some have fled to the Israeli state where they have haven from prosecution.

ADC President Warren David called the murder of Alex Odeh "an injustice to his family, the Arab American community and to all Americans. After 27 years we are still outraged. We demand that the Justice Department and the FBI bring closure to this heinous act immediately."

ADC and the Arab-American community are deeply troubled that the perpetrators have been at large for nearly three decades, despite all the available leads to resolving Alex’s murder. The lack of closure of Alex’s murder by the FBI and the Department of State has been viewed as a sign that the life of an American civil rights advocate with Palestinian roots is not valued by the U.S. Government as much as other American lives.

We ask that the FBI, the Justice Department and the State Department show good faith by redoubling  efforts and allocating necessary resources for bringing to justice, once and for all, the terrorists who killed an American citizen.

A young Alex Odeh in Palestine, with his Catholic family, including his sister, a nun.